1:1 Readings


Seafarers and Seekers have always looked to the heavens for guidance and so can you. Astrology can help you find your bearings, make peace with the past and plot your future course.
75 minute consult $200


 Astrology affords us many techniques for analyzing partner compatibility, relational dynamics and the likely trajectory of your personal and work relationships.
75 minute consult $200


 Everything has its season and astrology can  predict emerging themes and trends so that you can capitalize on opportunities and prepare for challenges.
1 hr consult


Using the solar return chart and other timing techniques provides a birthday gift that is truly unique and personal. Birthday readings can be purchased for yourself or a loved one.
30 minute consult $80


Looking for that perfect gift for someone special in your life? What could be more personal and unique than a Birth Chart Reading?



 A Charts 'n Cards reading combines a Star Chart reading with a 7 card tarot spread. It's uncanny how often these two forms of divination provide an aligned message.
1 hour consult $ 160

Karma Reading
(Pay What You Can or Pay It Forward)

Because I feel everyone should have access to the wisdom of Astrology, I offer occasional readings at a discount. If you are looking for direction or struggling with a specific issue, please get in touch.  Send me an email and I will add your name to my list.  My hope is that you will pay what you can or pay it forward.
Send your request to [email protected]

 "Our session left me feeling empowered and prepared for what comes next. I can’t think her enough for the opportunity to meet her and look forward to future sessions to come.”

Ashley Collicut

"Lizanne delivered my astrology reading with knowledge, humor, and deep insight into all of the nuances astrology has to offer."

Sarah McInnis

 "I really felt seen by her and her reading, which helped give me such a sense of purpose about why I’m here and how I’m meant to navigate this world."

Caroline Taylor