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Lizanne & Shiva, The Destroyer

I’m a truth-seeking, yoga-doing, bread-baking, food-growing, tarot-reading, tree-hugging, puppy-raising Astrologer. My search for deeper meaning has led me to yoga and the Far East, to Academia and the study of World Religions, to cities and mountains and ashrams and finally back to Astrology. For me, the study of the stars is a deeply spiritual practice, connecting us to the cycles of Nature and the wisdom of our ancestors. It serves as a guidepost, pointing us toward truths beyond what can be grasped by the intellect alone. It affirms our place within a Divine order that is mystical, magical and full of wonder. Shiva and I reside in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada.

As a fellow astrologer, I‘ve been impressed with Lizanne’s depth of knowledge of astrology, classical mythology and spirituality. She has a gift for conveying her wisdom through clear and accessible language, and has a compassionate and positive nature. I always feel enlightened and uplifted after spending time with Lizanne and highly recommend her to anyone seeking insight or a fresh perspective on their life.


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