What's My Ascendant? (Rising Sign)

Free Tutorial on Finding Your Rising Sign

Course Summary

This short tutorial walks you through the process of finding your Ascendant or Rising Sign online using free astrological websites.

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Lizanne Hanks

Lizanne is a professional astrologer, trainer, writer and coach. With an academic background in women's spirituality, teaching and world religions, Lizanne brings a uniqely spiritual approach to her astrological practice. She aims to make astrology accessible, practical and fun so that you can harness this incredible tool for self-knowledge, timing and empowerment.

Ida May Frishke


" "I’m a novice so (this) gives me a place to learn astrology in a safe space with a CANADIAN ❤️ legitimate astrologer." 

What's My Ascendant? (Rising Sign)


  • Free tutorial for beginners to astrology